If your customers are still filling in forms, being verified in person, or using email to interact with you – then you’re being left behind.

Vision AI Suite can help.
Our goal is simple: automate mundane tasks, for you or your customers, while dramatically improving their experience.

Vision AI Suite

Automate with AI


Verify and onboard someone, in under 60 seconds


Automate Document OCR and extraction


Automate Business interactions with your customers, easily and seamlessly


For onboarding, verification, document extraction and automation, all integrated into your systems – use VisionService.

How Does It Work?

Vision AI Suite combines the best of AI and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to take care of onboarding customers, verifying people’s identities and ID Documents, scanning forms and information, and acquiring input and documents from customers.

Verify someone’s identity, and onboard them into your systems, in 60 seconds.

Including 8-way checks of name, Home Affairs lookups and Face Comparisons using advanced AI, and GPS locations.

Automatically understand documents, and extract useful information.

Instantly process Invoices, Bank Statements, ID Documents, FICA documents or your own custom forms. Documents are available within seconds, fully searchable and their properties can be inserted into your systems for full business process automation.

“Our accuracy in processing ID Documents, comparing faces and doing Home Affairs lookups improved by 60%” – Large Telco Customer

Automate customer interactions and service experiences.

From gathering documents, to covid check-ins – automate the check-in process quickly and easily.

“Our COVID check-in process, with GPS And irrefutable face captures, was implemented within hours” –• Lauren Clark, Mint Group Head of People

…onboarding, verification, document extraction and automation, all integrated into your systems with VisionService.

VisionService provides all of the functionality of the suite in an easy-to-use REST API. With simple calls to achieve whatever functionality you need, and advanced notification, eventing and sample code – get the Vision AI Suite to advance your business.


Our products are true SaaS products – you pay a monthly subscription fee, You can cancel at any time – or upgrade at any time!

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